The cloud platform built for the future

RM3.99/hour everywhere, device by yourself

Anywhere Anytime

Anytime, anywhere, customers only need to log in with a computer to experience immediately

Save on server

At the same time, the customer's information will be stored in our server

Any Computers

Regardless of the configuration of the computer, you can experience it as long as there is a network

No need for maintenance

No need to carry heavy equipment at any time, and no need to worry about maintenance after purchasing expensive computers

Anywhere, Anytime

Use the device you already have

Play your favorite games on compatible laptops, desktops, pc, mac, phones, and tablets, or play instantly on your TV with YhoCloud.

Choose the perfect plan

YhoCloud platform has 2 packages, one is a 1-day package, RM8.99 an hour. The other is a 1-month package, RM3.99 an hour (must purchase more than 10 hours)

RM8.99/ 1 hour

This is an promotional ticket price. Original Price at RM 12.99/1 hour. And this ticket is for ONE hour.

RM3.99/ 1 hour

This is ticket need to buy more than 10 hours. Original Price at RM 89.90/10 hour. Now RM3.99 x 10 hour = Only RM39.90 !!!

Frequently asked questions

YhoCloud is a Cloud Gaming Platform that enable users to play the highend games with normal computer (either mac or windows ), tablets or TV without investing on any highend computer. The service is hosted in cloud. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to empower your existing device or screens to full function gaming machine. The service provides dedicated highend GPU that is capable of playing the most graphic demanding games.

This is a ultra-low latency service that makes e-sport gaming possible. You can play your favorite games as if it is in your lcoal computer without noticeable delay.

In addition, it empowers device that is not capable of playing games to the one that is possible. For example, MAC can now play any PC games, even if you are running a 10 year old mac.

These machines are VR ready. Meaning that you could run VR application or play VR games that requires huge processing powers.

We have tested a range of devices. From low end to high end computers, android TV and Android Phones. These are capable of running the games when connected to our cloud service. You dont need expensive equipment. You probably just need a keyboard and mouse and connect to your device such as TV or tablets, or use your old computer that you already own.

Provided that the computer is capable of connecting to internet with a speed of at least 10Mbps, although 20 Mbps is preferred. The lower the speed, the lower the screen display quality.

We wont be able to see your computer or login to your computer, as all OS spaces are individual and private. Without you giving us the teamviewer id and the temporary password, we wont be able to login to your space.

You could treat that this computer is local to you. Also, you will have to make sure that you keep your own password to your own computer well. As we wont be able to recover those for you.