MCO special promotion for ( VR+Zone ) Member

During MCO period we provide this special offer for our VR member

( 3 games ticket ) buy 7 free 1 + 1 PUBG VR, PUBG VR ( original price Rm90 )

but becuase during MCO period, we decide to reward our supporter.

`“VR+Zone”-Multiplayer Interactive Immersive VR Entertainment Arena
for Trendy Players

The first direct experiencing arena, located at Tmn Mount Austin,
occupying over 1500 squar feet of space, is different with other VR Arenas.
It facilitates 1:1 real scene such as the prison and haunted house,
coordinating with 5D immersive experience and multiplayer spacious
interactions and more state-of-the-art technologies, immerses players
in a complete VR experience.

It has independent innovation and advantages on game playability and adaptation.
Being different from other VR Arenas, every game in “VR+Zone” supports and
facilitates family bonding, group play, company team building and more
multiplayer cooperative interactions. At the same time, the games are
designed to involve riddle solving, stamina, cooperation, survival and more
elements, constantly providing iterable top quality contents for consumers.